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Ian Somerhalder On Season Finale - Which Brother Will Leave Town?

Ian at E!Online

Ian Somerhalder just hit the E! News studio and took a few minutes with him to talk The Vampire Diaries' season finale.
And guess what? He was talking about "Damon dying" and a love-triangle deal with Stefan (Paul Wesley) which doesn't sound good at all. Here are five scoopy highlights:

1. Stefan and Damon Strike a Deal! 
And me no likey. Ian reveals: "The brothers both agree, 'If she goes for you, I'll leave town. And if she goes for me, you leave town. So this doesn't get weird.' And they both agree on it. And that's what's so cool is that by virtue of this decision the boys have ultimately become so insanely close. And I love that I think it's really cool that that's what happens."

2. The Love Triangle Is "Ending."
 Ian says "Elena makes a decision. Well, after Damon dies she only has one decision." Then after a long, excruciating pause in which I beat his chest to make him stop, he let out a hearty laugh and said, "Who knows? Maybe. We'll see!"

3. Ian Insists He's Fine Winning or Losing Elena. 
"You know what's funny," Smolder Hotter says with a half-smile. "Paul and I joke about this, because we do know each other and we love each other, and everybody wants everyone to win, but sometimes when you lose, you still win something. That's kind of a cool metaphor for life. Just remember this, second place is the first loser." So...everyone wins?

4. One More Finale Tease: 
"In the finale, Damon and Stefan really start to love each other. In this situation, heartbreak and failure and triumph brings them together. For me obviously, a lot of bad stuff happens. So it's very cool for us to finally come together. Now, by the way, it might get boring and then we will be trying to kill each other in season four!" Phew! So can we assume no one is actually dying or getting run out of Mystic Falls? Let's say yes so we can sleep tonight. After, of course, watching the new episode of TVD which airs on the CW!

5. Check Out the Ian Somerhalder Foundation: 
Ian's philanthropic organization is doing some really amazing work to make this world a better place. Right now, they are organizing the "Let's Get Dirty" campaign, to help clean up schools. Details can be found at

Vampire Diaries 3x19 Song List

Ep 19 'Heart Of Darkness'

Mississippi Twilight - "Starting Now"
Civil Twilight - "Dying To Be Born"
The Strange Familiar - "Redemption"
Florence And The Machine - "Never Let Me Go"
Christel Alsos - "When The Light Dies Out" 

Vampire Diaries 3x20 'Do Not Go Gentle' Promos

Short Promo...


 Extended Promo...


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Video Interview With Joseph Morgan - Past, Present and Future

I'd rather Klaus die than.....? Find out here!

Daniel Gillies Says 'He Has Not Entirely Left The Vampire Diaries'

While at NBCUniversal Summer Press Day 2012 yesterday, The Vampire Diaries actor Daniel Gillies hinted that he’s not completely done with The Vampire Diaries even though his character Elijah Mikaelson had left town at the end of “All My Children” and he is also starring in the new NBC medical drama Saving Hope debuting on June 7.

“I have not entirely left The Vampire Diaries,” says Gillies. “Fortunately we film at different times during the year. I’m deeply indebted to what The Vampire Diaries has given me, but this show (Saving Hope) takes precedence. I love TVD executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. I’d do anything for them in a instance. I can’t speak about anything further on the show, or I probably will be fired.”

Joseph Morgan on how he gets into Klaus Mode, fan art and painting

Short video interview from TV Guide

What do you think of Klaroline fan art?
How do you get into Klaus mode?
Did your painting inspire Klaus's ability to paint?

Caroline, Tyler, Klaus Love Triange. Where will it go?

Caroline’s love life is heating up on The Vampire Diaries.
Not only has she attracted the attention of Original vampire Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan), but in this Thursday’s episode she also welcomes back Tyler (Michael Trevino) to Mystic Falls. And from what Candice Accola says, fans of the latter couple “are going to be very excited by their reunion.”
However, as much as Caroline’s “elated” to see her old boyfriend again, things might be a little awkward between the two given his long absence and what’s transpired during that time (that is, Klaus’ not-so-little crush). “In a romantic relationship, it takes a minute to get back into that flow, that dance,” Accola explains.
Meanwhile, Tyler’s stepping into a complicated, new dynamic without even knowing it. “He’s not privy to any sort of friendship or emotional connection that Klaus would have towards Caroline,” says Accola. But he’ll quickly take note of the fact that something‘s shifted between his sire and his girl. “It’s an inevitable moment in which Tyler and Klaus and Caroline are all going to be in the same room, so it will come to a head, and we will see the repercussions of Caroline and Klaus spending time together.”
“Spending time together”? Does that mean the blonde vamp is actually giving the baddie hybrid the time of day? “She’s not interested at all,” Accola maintains. “She can completely see that he’s not a good person and that he’s selfish and that he’s done nothing but come in and ruin the lives of the people that she’s loved.”
But isn’t it a TV trope that good girls love the bad guy? “She’s still allowing him to enter her space and her environment, and there are going to be some conflicting moments that [are] brought to Tyler’s attention,” the actress allows. Plus, you know, “He has an accent! Who’s not intrigued when someone has an accent? Come on!”
Klaus will use the worldliness that comes with his Euro sound to try and sweep Caroline off her feet. Because from where he stands, “She deserves to see more of the world and to witness more of the culture and to make a bigger impact in the world, make bigger waves,” argues the Original’s portrayer, Joseph Morgan. “Tyler is not the man to do that with her.”
But how can Klaus convince Caroline that his feelings are genuine? Step one: “He’s certainly not going to try and compel her or anything like that,” Morgan assures us. “He’s absolutely going to try and woo her.” He’ll even show up at the high school’s Decade Dance… for another twirl around the floor? “Klaus and Caroline could possibly dance…,” Acccola replies very diplomatically.
As for what Tyler’s return means for Klaus’ plan to win over Caroline, “He’s not really taking that threat seriously at the moment,” says Morgan. After all, as his sire, he can just tell the youngster to go away. That is, if Tyler hasn’t figured out a way to break the bond, a mystery that will be answered in this week’s episode. And if Tyler succeeds, Klaus should be looking at his progeny in a new light.
“Tyler can probably be a formidable foe and a worthy adversary,” warns Morgan.


Vampire Diareis 3x22 Official Synopsis

Ep22 'The Departed'

THE SECRET HERO — Determined to protect his sister, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) makes a decision that will change everything. In the harsh reality of the present situation, Elena (Nina Dobrev) longs for simpler times when her parents, Grayson (guest star Jason MacDonald) and Miranda (guest star Erin Beute), and Aunt Jenna (guest star Sara Canning) were still alive and her biggest concern was her relationship with Matt (Zach Roerig). Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) leave Mystic Falls together on a mission, but soon split up when Elena needs one of them. Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) are forced to make a life-changing decision. Finally, Bonnie (Kat Graham) makes a secret deal that has heartbreaking consequences. John Behring directed the episode with story by Brett Matthews & Elisabeth R. Finch and teleplay by Julie Plec (#322).

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Candice Accola On Rest Of Season 3

First thing's first -- Tyler's coming home in this week's episode! "He's been working on trying to break the sire bond that he has with Klaus, so when he comes back to town we're going to see if he was successful or if he was not, and it's going to be put to the test," Candice teases. "We're going to hear about his experiences that he's had, and we're going to hear about his trip." 

Though the sire bond is still an important plot point leading up to the finale, Tyler's main concern will be the fact that he is a part of Klaus' vampire bloodline, and if Stefan and Damon kill Klaus, they're killing Tyler, too. Spoiler alert: Tyler's life isn't really a priority for the Salvatore brothers. "If they find out that someone else created their line, do they really care about who Klaus has created?" Candice says.

Before any murdering starts, though, Candice promises there's going to be a little romance. "Caroline and Tyler fans, I think, will be very happy with this reunion... for a little while."

Tyler attends his first Mystic Falls High dance in the April 26 episode. Though Caroline planned a '70s dance, the natural follow up to Season 2's '60s dance, Rebekah stomps her foot and demands a return to her roaring '20s heyday. "I just have a blast working with Claire Holt," says Candice. "I think she's an incredible addition to our family." 

She's not easy competition for Caroline when it comes to her Queen Bee status. "She's way cooler, because she has an accent. Who am I kidding? I can't compete," Candice laughs. "I love their banter, I love the ping-pong that they have in both these characters' dialogue." 

tvd-320-tyler-caroline-klaus.jpgOf course, Caroline's time at the dance is further complicated when Klaus shows up, making big promises and grand plans for the future he sees them having together. It's an overwhelming prospect for the girl who realized her greatest dream by becoming Miss Mystic Falls. 

"She likes to be very safe," Candice says. "She's safe within her bubble in Mystic Falls, and she could never dream of going anywhere else, but the viewers have seen her grow into such a strong character. Then you bring in Klaus, who has lived out every dream and every fantasy and has been around for such a long time, and who still, at the core, wants the same thing that Caroline wants -- just to be loved." We may finally see Caroline falter in her quest to resist Klaus' charms.

Given the amount of emotional trauma that Caroline has endured this season -- and the amount of trauma that's to come (let's just say that the writers are not done torturing our girl) -- we're almost expecting her to have a complete breakdown before the end of the season. Still, Candice tells us that Caroline remains collected in the fact of unimaginable pain.

"This is a way that I also connect with her very much as a character, is that she's a fix-it person," she says. "She will avoid as much emotional confrontation as she can by just fixing it, or throwing a party. That is something that I do. Any sort of thing, I just try to say 'Oh, we'll just have a dinner, and everything will be okay! If I buy a new pillow, it'll make it all good! Yeah, everything's perfect!'" 

For the record, if you're planning to stockpile tissues for the season finale, you'll want to speed up your plans, because like last season, we can expect some eventful (read: tragic) episodes before the finale. Candice tells us that the last episode will be a treat for fans who have been invested for day one. "I will say that viewers should look forward to the fact that it's brought back to the beginning," she says. "This was a very crazy season... but what I love, what the writers did with the finale, is that they kind of calmed it all down and brought it back to what the show began as in Season 1. I think that's going to be a theme going into Season 4 as well." 



Vampire Diaries 3x19 'Heart Of Darkness' Promos

Short Promo...

Extended Promo...

Canadian Promo...

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Will Klaus Be Back Next Season?

Will The Vampire Diaries really kill off Klaus by the season's end? Joseph Morgan hints that's it's a major possibility.

"My character definitely isn't confirmed for Season 4," Morgan tells "There's very much a threat he won't make it to Season 4 or even if he does make it to season 4 that it won't be in the way you think. That's a very real threat — I'm genuinely worried by it."

But if Klaus' death means the annihilation of his bloodline (aka our Mystic Falls heroes and heroines), how can the series get rid of him? "I imagine they do something like ... eternity in a box where they keep him alive, but he's no threat to anyone," Morgan says.

Joseph Morgan On VH1

Check out the latest video of Joseph Morgan on VH1...

Julie Plec On Romance & Heartbreak In Final Episodes

So which couple's headed for heartbreak and which one will be romancin' all over your TV screens? Plus, what does Plec have to say about Matt Davis' future on the show? Find out...

"Four episodes of the choice!"
Yes, Plec says Elena will make a decision between Stefan and Damon before season's end, but it will be an arduous road to get to that game-changing moment—a road that is romantic and heartbreaking all at once!
"Stefan and Elena and Damon and Elena fans can each look forward to an exploration over the next four episodes of where Elena stands with each of these brothers and where their relationship, both as a love triangle and as people who have been through a lot together, all stand," Plec explains. "There's a lot of romantic moments coming up on both sides and there's some heartbreak coming up on both sides."
Of Elena's exploration of her feelings over the final string of season-three episodes, Plec says, "I hope what people see when all is said and done is we're really been trying to let Elena, as Stefan so kindly encourages her, to figure out where she is in her life—who she is and what she wants and who she wants—to let her honestly and truthfully make that decision for herself."
But will fans see any hot lip action between Elena and either of the Salvatore brothers soon? It's kind of been a while, no? "I'll never tell, but I'm not saying no!" Plec teases.

Matt Davis, Vampire Diaries
While some fans are biting their nails over Elena's version of Sophie's Choice, we think it's safe to say all TVD fans are stressing over fan favorite Alaric's future on the show ever since news broke that Matt Davis had landed the lead role in the CW's drama pilot Cult, which recently wrapped production in Vancouver. So if Cult is picked up to series by the CW in May, what will it mean for Davis' future on Vampire Diaries?
"My hope is that Matt Davis gets everything he wants in the form of this new show, but also that we get everything we want and he wants, which is an eternity of Alaric in our world," Plec says. An eternity of Alaric?!  Wheeee!
Unfortunately, we'll probably have to get used to watching everyone's favorite (most likely alcoholic) high school history teacher/semiretired vampire hunter suffer. We're hearing this Thursday's episode is going to be a super-dark one for Ric as we get another glimpse of his serial killin' alter ego. "He's got a lot of good stuff coming up and he's doing it really well," Plec says of Davis.


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TVD Chicago Overview - Day 2

Paul Wesley & Zach Roerig Panel (via tweet coverage)

  • Paul says Zach's portrayal of Matt is reminiscent of Vin Diesel
  • Paul says Zach is a good cuddler
  • Zach wants to see someone's photos of Trevino in his underwear. They see a photo and Paul is disturbed
  • Paul talked about playing hockey. One of his favorite players is Wayne Gretsky
  • Zach says its a safe bet that Matt will be around for season 4
  • Paul talked about Beneath the Blue. Says it was cool shooting in the Bahamas
  • Paul hopes to know soon what's happening with the release of Baytown Disco
  • Zach feels TVD is the best show out of the other vampire shows
  • Zach likes American Horror story. Paul watches Planet Earth.
  • Paul "wouldn't mind" if Elena and Stefan didn't get back together
  • Paul wants the storyline to move away from "missions" to more of a character driven one.
  • Paul prefers working with "Katherine" than "Elena."
  • Julie's future ideas are pretty far out, according to Paul.
David Anders & Zach Roerig Panel

  • most embarrassing moment? Anders: "Filming S2, Paul Sommers made it look like I shit my pants in the hospital bed scene."
  • Zach claims he doesn't get embarrassed.
  • What actor has had the biggest influence on you? Roerig: "Since he's here, David Anders."
    "Friendship is the best ship. It's a barge that you ride with a bro."
  • David likes to golf and make babies in his free time.
  • If not acting, Zach would be running family tombstone business and David would be a professional athlete.
  • Zach has no upcoming projects. Davis is currently on Once Upon A Time and says next season will be big for his character.
  • Zach is a fan of the Original brothers.
  • The boys are starting a 2 man show where they'll play lesbians. It's called Les-be-friends
  • David and Zach want to take a dip in Ian Somerhalder's blue eyes 
  • Anders says he was assumed to be British for years. (he's from Oregon)
  • David on Uncle John: "Everyone hated that dude until he died."
  • Zach says his favorite ep of s3 so far is The Reckoning. Big props to director and writers
  • David told Zach he needs to work out more for his Mystic Grill shirt
  • Zach told the audience a bed time story; "poop wagon flew, flying turd"
  • Do you share any characteristics with your TVD characters? Anders: "I'm a dick in real life. So yes."
  • Bucket list? Zach - to skydive, win an elite paddleboard race & break dance on the moon. David - to fart in public
  • Zach enjoyed shopping at TopShop/TopMan while in Chicago.
  • Zach would like to have a superpower where he can create money.
  • "I want you inside me" is Davids favorite pickup line
  • Zach was pretty stoked to learn Matt would be the first person to stake an original
  • Zach demonstrated his pelvic thrust pickup line than both showed their secret handshake. Their handshake: Slap it, clasp it, think about it.
  • If not your character? Zach would be Sheriff Forbes and David would be Joseph Morgan. Anders talks about Joseph's "fancy English mouth." Zach: "High five, JoMo started a book club via twitter."
  • Joseph Morgan actually hates being called JoMo
  • Anders doesn't understand why people watch procedural dramas like NCIS.
  • David: "I thought I had job security with a ring where you couldn't die. They found a way. Jerks."
  • Zach would like to do a period piece where he rides a horse and possibly throws a spear.
  • David misses the cast of TVD.
  • Zach: "I think everyone should adopt a puppy." 
  • Anders: "If you don't cry at Sarah McLachlan & shelter dogs, you may not be human."
  • Zach would be a succubus and David would be a zompire if they had to choose.
Torrey DeVitto, Kat Graham & Malese Jow Panel 
(via tweet coverage)

  • Kat's audition process was auditioning for multiple pilots before getting the role of Bonnie.
  • Torrey says auditioning is terrifying. She auditioned over a year ago but Meredith wasn't used yet. She also tried out for Elena
  • Malese bombed her audition but they still wanted her
  • Malese was worried she didn't get it but ended up on The Vampire Diaries instead of "Gigantic" on Nickelodeon
  • They have not heard their voices in the German version of TVD.
  • What male role on TVD would you want to play? Torrey: Stefan. Kat: Klaus. Malese: Damon.
  • They admire family the most in the world
  • Role you most want to play? Torrey: A psychopath like Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted. Kat: a biopic or sci fi blockbuster. Malese: a comedy.
  • Kat: It's hard to remember Bonnie's spells
  • Torrey is pretty sure Nanny Carrie will never die (OTH)
  • Torrey can't choose which show she enjoys working on more, TVD or PLL
  • Time period to live in? Torrey would live in a British library in the 1800s, Kat in the early 90s, and Anna in Hollywood in the 40s.
  • They all believe in ghosts
  • Malese is told a great story about introducing Steven to TUMBLR. Its his Steven's embarrassing moment. He joined them in searching his tag on tumblr. Found him photoshopped onto a nude body
  • Favourite song? Torrey-Listening to The Antlers & St Vincent. Malese- Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. (seriously)
  • Embarrassing moment for Kat was she walked into a wall during a scene when having to say goodnight to Luka
  • Does Kat prefer doing films or TV? Depends on the movie or show. Would love to do both
  • Kat graham is a belieber
  • Playing a ghost was difficult at first because she wasn't entirely sure whether Anna WAS a ghost
  • Favourite TV Show: Malese- The Voice & PLL, Kat- The Borgias, and Torrey- Six Feet Under
  • What does Malese miss most about TVD? The people, the cast & crew, and Anna is the best character she's been able to play.
  • Phobias? Torrey- Everything. Malese- spiders. Kat - elevators
  • Torrey came to Chicago at 16 to model but was too short. She ended up just walking the streets & exploring for a month.
  • Upcoming projects? Malese- Big Time Rush & Shelter (Mark Schwahn & JJ Abrams new show), Kat-music, Torrey-Evidence (thriller).
  •  Actor you'd love to work with? Kat- Stanley Tucci. Malese- Anne Hathaway. Torrey- Monica Belluci.
  • Kats favorite episode is The Reckoning. The same one as Zach. When she goes underwater to save Matt is her favourite scene. Proud of that ep. Malese enjoyed flashback ep with her & Pearl. Torrey's is "The Reckoning."
  • Torrey is her husbands biggest fan
  • Favourite place to travel for Torrey is South Africa, Kat's is Ethiopia, and Malese loves the history of the east coast.
  • Malese learned how to unlock a car door on Leverage
  • Torrey said she loved Klaus telling Stefan to turn it off & ep 6 catching Elena & it showed he still loved her
  • Fan asked if she thinks Anna may come back? Malese says anything is possible on TVD
  • Malese says the blood tastes disgusting. It's dyed corn syrup and tastes gross. Kat hated the Nosebleed blood
  • Malese says Anna doesn't have a last name. She doesn't know where "Johnson" came from
  • Will Bonnie ever get to have fun and be less serious? Kat - Yes, see some of that on this weeks ep with the decade dance.
  • Torrey "loves playing Meredith but you can't beat crazy Nanny Carrie. Stealing babies & feeding people cockroaches."
Paul Wesley Panel (via tweet coverage)

  • Paul notes that he's played a werewolf, angel and vampire. He'll try succubus next. Playing a wolf was easiest for him
  • Paul says playing a vampire is poetic
  • Paul was complaining about the CW rehashing his past by airing a movie he made 5 years ago 
  • The End of the Affair was his favorite TVD ep to film. Hopes to revisit that era. Loved the scenes with Rebekah & Klaus
  • "I think Stefan should be a fairy"
  • Fav person to work with on set? Daniel and Matt Davis.
  • Paul is lobbying to direct an episode of TVD in Season 4
  • if Stefan & Damon were human for one day what would they do? Reproduce
  • "Stefan and Elena are the core of the series. Their love is infinite."
  • On Stefan "I think he should stop being so mopey. I love the dark side of the character."
  • Paul was singing the Jeopardy theme as a kid and his mom chose to put him in acting class
  • The first time he was asked for an autograph, he thought it was a mistake
  • Hardest scene to shoot? The bridge scene was really frustrating & the phone call in 3x01
  • Most interesting person he's worked with as an actor: Vincent D'onofrio
  • What vampire from another show or movie would Stefan form an allegiance with? "Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampires."
  • Paul 
    admitted he's NEVER seen Buffy
  • Paul wants to team up with Count Chocula to form a vampire duo.
  • He sleeps with a white noise sound machine and eye mask
  • Paul says Matt was accurate about him not surviving the island
  • 5 things you can't live without?  "white noise sleep machine, eye mask, boots, jeans, hair pomade & curling devices
  • When Paul Wesley wants to appear cool & mature, he listens to swing music
  • what would you do if you woke up in Ian Somerhalders body? Show off my baby blue eyes, hit on chicks
  • Paul saysTorrey signed someone's ass in McDonalds yesterday at Wizard World Comic Con
  • He doesn't like cologne
  • He enjoys that the show is very different from the books. Says it adds sustainability
  • Free time? Just likes to relax and travel
  • If he wasn't an actor? Wanted to play hockey, is a Rangers fan. Journalism
  • Any special talents? Fan: "Show us your moves." Paul: "Boobs?!"
  • Paul on whether Gillies is right that he takes the longest to primp. He takes 30 minutes, everyone else is an hour
  • Paul's grandfather is the biggest influence in his life
  • Paul recommended JoMo to Julie as Klaus, then he was cast a month later. He's one of the better actors on the show
  • When asked what Marvel universe character he'd play: "What's Marvel?" He settles on Pinky & the Brain
  • Dream role is playing Holden from Catcher in the Rye. Stanley Cuberic would direct
  • If he was a writer on TVD, Stefan would be very dark and he would do flashbacks.
  • Vampire Diaries is the most challenging role he's ever played

Joseph Morgan Teases Season Finale

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Julie Plec Talks Vampire Diaries Past, Present And Future

Julie Plec spoke with hitfix about TVD past, present and future. Interview to follow...

The actors are all talking about what a HUGE, big, massive finale y'all have coming. How big is it going to be?
Well, I tell you that it was huge, big, massive endeavor to shoot and I think it'll probably end up on the screen sorta like, "Oh. What's the big deal? What's the fuss?" No, but we had an underwater unit, a movie-sized underwater unit. We had massive, massive stunts involving an automobile. We have a huge fight sequence. We have a huge horror sequence. And then we have probably the biggest and most substantial series of emotional moments that the entire season has had. So it has definitely paid off a long journey for all these characters and hopefully -- I haven't seen it yet, so it's too soon to tell -- but hopefully it won't disappoint.  

The actors are also all talking about this as a "full circle" finale. Do you feel like all finales are, to some degree, ideally full circle finales? Or did this feel feel like a particularly good time to bring the full journey around?
Certainly if you're thinking it through, you always want your beginning to have led directly to your ending. We try really hard at the beginning of the season, even in the limited amount of time that we have, to make sure that we know exactly where we're going, so that every choice we make is getting us there and that we're not just making up as we go along, which is, by the way, easy to do. When you're doing 22 episodes, it's really easy to just make it up as you go along. This particular episode, we started this year, it was senior year, it's still senior year and we've got our human character, Elena, who at the end of last season lost her guardian. She's lost her parents. She's a girl who has been struggling with her own innocence and growing up and turning 18 and wondering if her parents would be OK with her, with who she is and if they'd be proud of her, in spite of the fact that she's fallen for not one, but two vampires. As she's really reflecting on this kind of dreadful and horrible emotional year that she's had, we take her back to a time when life was just a lot simpler, when her parents were alive and she was a cheerleader dating the quarterback. Everything we've been doing all season with Elena's journey has been leading up to this episode and leading up to this choice that she has to make between these two brothers.

Before I get to my next real question... Has Elena been doing homework this year?
She's actually got an IQ of 140 and she doesn't need to study.

But she has been attending classes at least semi-regularly?
Yes. She has been attending classes. Her guardian is a history teacher, so she's got someone on the inside looking out for her and her current non-boyfriends are vampires who can compel and get good grades. I'm  sure there's a little bit of trickery going on there, but yes, our kids, they go to school and they've got surprisingly good attendance records. It's just that we don't show them in school very often, because it's not as interesting, frankly, as the other stuff they get themselves into.

Now back to the real questions! When you approach a "big" finale, obviously viewers will be waiting for some characters to live, some characters to die, etc. How hard is it for you guys to create stakes -- pun, unfortunately intended, I guess -- for characters on show where anyone who's dead can return if the circumstances are right?
It's a question that we debate a lot in the writers' room. There's the argument to be made of, "Seal up the other side, never go back to ghosts, never have flashbacks with older characters," because you want the stakes of death to be that powerful. But then there's something so emotional and profound about revisiting a character that you love and I think that there's something so bittersweet about seeing them again, knowing that they're never gonna be part of the day-to-day life of our heros, but that they're still out there somewhere. Certainly there will be stakes attached to the end of this season wherein there are characters that we might not see again when all is said and done. That will always be true.

When you think back on characters from the show's past, how many would you describe as "Totally off-limits, off-the-table, never-coming-back, definitely really dead"?
That's a good question. I think that any human who's ever died, we won't see again. Our rules of the other side are strictly about supernatural beings. Who else? Well, we'll get a little clue into Aunt Jenna's whereabouts in the next couple episodes and then, of course, we'll see Sarah Canning in the finale, just in a nice little flashback, back when everybody was normal and human. So... Yeah.

I think that last question was really just my veiled way of asking what it's gonna take to have Vicki come back...
[Laughter.] You know what? We almost put Vicki in the finale because we love Kayla Ewell so much. She's part of our family. Half the time, I've gotta be honest, the struggle is: Do we stick to our guns, creatively, and say, "That character will never be seen again?" or do we really want these wonderful members of our "Vampire Diaries" family to get to be able to come back and play with us a little bit every now and then? Kayla, I don't think we'll ever see Vicki again. We brought her back. She played her storyline and she said good-bye. She moved on. Matt said good-bye to her, so he closed that door. So I can't definitively say "never," but surely no plans to.

You're gonna make me write fan-fiction about this, aren't you?
Yes! Yes, I think you should! Absolutely.

You talked about charting out your course at the beginning of the season and knowing where you're going at the end. But how much do you guys let yourselves be steered by discovering supporting or guest actors you simply want to work with more than you had expected to? Like if you have somebody like a Joseph Morgan or a Claire Holt and you see how well they mesh with things, how much can you let the story move and adapt around them?
A lot. We definitely have learned great lessons and hard lessons. I won't tell you who the hard lessons were, but I will tell you who the great lessons are. Daniel Gillies is, for sure, the perfect example. That's a character that was introduced strictly with the intention of just bridging the season between the mention of Klaus and the introduction of Klaus. He was never meant to be an Original brother. He was never meant to be anything other than a lackey of Klaus'. But Daniel characterized Elijah with such magnificence and grace that he has become deeply, deeply embedded in our canon and, really, us wanting to keep Daniel Gillies as Elijah is what led us to the immortality of the Originals, the fact that they could not be killed, but for the stake from the white oak, all of these things that were never part of our original Klaus mythology. The entire Original family originated from Daniel Gillies being so good at his job.

What was the original concept for Klaus?
Well, Klaus was a villain in the books, so we were borrowing from that. We knew that he was going to come in and be this figure that nobody had ever met and nobody knew if he was real. He was going to have a Keyser Soze vibe and we would believe him to be the oldest living vampire, but in fact he would be a hybrid. He was going to be flying solo. It wasn't until we fell in love with Elijah that we came up with the idea that he had a family and that everything he did was, in its own way, either to punish or to rescue the people in his family.

So then it just kinda happened that you were able to have the Originals as this kind of ultimate dysfunctional family this year to make us see how hypothetically functional Damon and Stefan could be if things got bad enough?
Yeah. It's a nice counterpoint to the Salvatores. We thought they had problems, but they are totally functional in comparison.

OK, so I desperately don't want to ask you to insult the shippers here, but how overly cautious have you had to get about the central love triangle? And has it become sorta a more delicate creature over three seasons than you might have originally planned or hoped for it to be?
You know, it's funny. I think the answer is "Yes and No," weirdly. I can't lie and say that we aren't completely embedded in the shipper culture, just by nature of being on social media and being Twitter whores ourselves and not being able to tear ourselves away. So there's an influence and a passion that gets directed at us very, very aggressively that you can't ignore. But in a way it makes our jobs a little bit harder because we have to try to separate: Are these our creative instincts? Are these the instincts that are right for these characters? Or are we being influenced without even realizing it? So it makes us think more. It makes us really dig deeper into character more, which is a good thing. And then when we make decisions that we know are not going to be popular, we just sit in the writers' room and stare at each other in horror knowing what's in store, knowing that certain things are not going to go over very well with certain people and that we just might need to stay off Twitter and avoid the death threats for a while.

You've talked about how there's a big choice that Elena has to make in the finale. How totally are you guys bracing yourselves for what's going to come from certain circles when we get to May?
I might have to leave the country. [She laughs.] No, the choice that Elena has to make and the choice that she does make, for us it's really, really important that we took a good, strong look at Elena, at her character, at her wants and her needs, where she is in her life and that the way that she makes the decision after everything she's been through and the way that she expresses that decision to others, that it's honest and pure and real. Hopefully people who are fans of the show and fans of Elena and fans of real human behavior will understand and respect the choice that she makes, in spite of a percentage being very sad and another percentage being happy, it's where she is right now in her life and it's where we've been leading to all year for her. So we shall see, but it is not going to be pretty, I'll tell you that.

The phrase you used a couple times there, "where she is in her life" implies that you don't view where she is in the finale as being necessarily the endgame, right?
No, absolutely not! Here's the thing: This show can, and probably will, go on for many more years. This show is a journey of a teenage girl finding her way back to life through the love of one vampire and discovering maybe other elements of life through the love of another vampire, growing up, graduating high school, moving on. There's a whole road for her still to travel and our brothers are in the middle of their journey as well. For us to say that this is the one and only choice and no other choice will ever be made would be premature. We're just in the middle of our journey and I hope ultimately that people who ship one way or the other can understand. In the same way that we had to convince Ian Somerhalder that Damon being a good guy was part of a long road that he was traveling and that it was OK, you want to convince the fans that this is the midpoint of the story.

Back to the nuts-and-boltsy stuff for a second: Are these guys going to college next year?
No, not next year. Next year will be the completion of their senior year. We like to drag things out over in our world.

You like to drag some stuff out, but as many of us have observed, the show burns through plot at a rather ridiculous rate. Does that ever concern you guys? Or at this point, are you convinced that you can go at this pace for ever and ever?
When Kevin Williamson and I first started the show, we didn't have any time to think globally about the series. We just dove in and started. When you have six act breaks and a teaser -- which amount to seven act breaks over 41 minutes -- you've gotta burn through story, because you've gotta impress and you've gotta wow and you've gotta shock the audience with twists and turns every four-and-a-half minutes. I think that it was TV  Guide who, in the middle of our season said, "We'd give this show an 'A,' except there's no way they can keep this up, so therefore they get an 'A-.'" We sorta looked at it and we were like, 'Hmmm. Well, that's a challenge." And every year we think, "Oh God, there's nowhere to go" and then we start... I've just been in the writers' room for Season 4 for the last three weeks with a small group of writers and we had this moment, the other day, when we looked around after two weeks of talking and realized that we have more emotional stuff, character stuff and mythology stuff going down in Season 4 than maybe we've ever had. And then, in talking Season 4, we said, "Oh no. That's gotta wait for Season 5." So suddenly it's an embarrassment of riches. For whatever reason, this genre and our characters and this world, it keeps organically creating more stories. Thank God!

With that burn rate, are there any storylines that you think back on from the first two or two-and-a-half seasons that you really wish you could have spent more time on?
I'd have to go back and really dissect it to be able to answer that. I think that there are things that may have worn out their welcome, ironically, a little bit. I think that there are stories that we meant to make more of that we pulled the plug on for various reasons. Again, I can't really say, because it would be rude. I think that it would have been really nice to explore more of the Bonnie and Grams relationship before we killed Grams, because that was untapped. One of the reasons that it was so nice to bring Grams back this year in the ghost episode was to give Bonnie another glimpse of that mentor figure in her life and that paved the way to Bonnie's storyline with her mother, which is still in line. So I have no regrets, for sure. I think we have a weird sense of rhythm where we kind of know when a story needs to come to an end.

Do you ever look back at those first handful episodes and do you ever miss the crows and the fog and the vampire football?
[Laughter.] No, we don't miss the crows and the fog, for sure. It's funny, because in hindsight, Kevin and I have both read a lot of people in the press and bloggers and fans alike who say that the show didn't really click in for them til about episode six. Yet for us and the actors, we always look back at the first five episodes of the series and say, "Gosh, that was a time when things were simple and clean and very, very based in tension and mystery and character and didn't have to rely so much on frills and action and stunts and visual effects and witch craft." We get very sentimental, as storytellers, for those early episodes. But then I remind everybody that nobody actually liked them very much, so it's OK that we've moved on.

You mentioned how simple and clean things once were. Who's the person in the writers' room who keeps track of what everybody's supernatural status is, of whose parents and grandparents we've met, of who has what secret talisman?
We have our PA Amy and our script coordinator Jeane Wong, they keep the show bible, which is updated on episodic basis with family trees, with props and magical talismans. But mostly everything's right now in my head. One of the biggest struggles of the second half of Season 3 is I realized that my head is full and if I'm the only one that knows all this stuff that well, then we're screwed. So we started delegating and trying to pay more attention to the details. There's nothing worse than making a mistake and not realizing until a fan point points it out that a mistake has been made. That is a devastating occurrence.

And I know that you're going to be speaking at the NAB Show in Las Vegas on Monday (April 16). What are you going to be talking about and what drew you to that event?
Dave Perkal has been our DP this year and he's a great guy and very cool and he and I get along famously and he came up to me a month ago and he said, "Hey, you want to go to Vegas? And talk? In front of a bunch of people?" And I said, "Talk? People? Vegas? Yes! I'm in." Our show, we strive very, very, very hard to make it look like a movie on a weekly basis. Our DP is as important of a storyteller as any of our writers and as any of directors and as any of our editors. We push each other really hard to get as much beauty and cinematic quality as we possibly can every episode and we fight a lot, in good ways, and we inspire each other a lot. So this is an opportunity to just kinda show some examples of different risks we've taken, different choices we've made in the storytelling process, visually, and to show off some of our work. So we're excited.

Has that mandate changed since those early fog-and-crows episodes? How you've wanted to make the show look?
No, when director Marcos Siega and DP Paul Sommers started the series, they said that they didn't want it to look like any other show on The CW or, frankly, any other show on network television. So it was just about finding our way into that, which includes a lot of long lens, really long lens, dropping the camera back 100 yards, when you can, to get a great long scope shot. Paul Sommers had a bunch of tricks-of-the-trade to make it not look like video. And then the better the cameras get, the sharper and more pristine the images get and the more television starts to look like a soap opera from another country, so we're combating that. We're combating technology.