Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Originals - 2x09 "The Map Of Moments" Song List

Kermit Ruffins "O Christmas Tree" Boston String Quartet "Overture (On Christmas Eve)"
Clara Oman "Angels We Have Heard On High" American Boychoir "The Coventry Carol"
London Grammar "Stay Awake" Manor House String Quartet "The Holly And The Ivy"
Digital Daggers "Silver Bells"

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Vampire Diaries - 6x09 "I Alone" Song List

Broods "Mother & Father" Lonely The Brave "Trick Of The Light" Lenny Kravitz "Dirty White Boots"
Gin Blossoms "Hey Jealousy" Jungle "Platoon" Fly Golden Eagle "Stepping Stone"
Israel Cannan "The Woods" Zella Day "Compass" Kris Allen "Lost"

The Vampire Diaries - 6x10 "Christmas Through Your Eyes" Promo

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Vampire Diaries - 6x09 "I Alone" Webclip

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Vampire Diaries - Spoiler From TV Line - 3rd December 2014

Any scoop on Vampire Diaries‘ Damon and Elena??? 

Elena may have admitted to feeling a “glimmer” of love for Damon, but don’t bank on a full-on reunion just yet, no matter how romantic the holiday season may be. Per executive producer Julie Plec, “There is mistletoe in the midseason finale, and fans are free to wish for anything they want — and also prepare for crushing disappointment in the way that we always tend to like to serve it to them.” Take that as you will.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Vampire Diaries - Katherine Pierce's Obituary By Julie Plec


After five hundred years of running, Katherine Pierce, the ultimate mean girl and quintessential survivor, died at the hands of her former love, Stefan Salvatore. She is survived by no one. There will be no funeral. In lieu of services, please say the most horrific thing she has done to you, and take a shot. Donations can be made in her honor to the organizations she cared about most—Prada, Gucci, and Dior. Out of respect for the dead, we will make no mention of Elena Gilbert in this fauxbituary.
Katherine never ceased to surprise us as a character. She was a 500-year-old vampire and for almost all of Season 1, we had only seen her in 19th century flashbacks. So when she arrived on the scene in present day Mystic Falls, we as writers expected her to be an old-world, distinguished woman with a taste for the classics. But she wasn’t. She was a sexy, modern-day woman of the world who wore designer heels and drove an Aston Martin. One carving knife and four severed fingers later, she quickly made her way into our hearts forever.
Using both seduction and good, old-fashioned blunt force trauma as her weapons of choice, she was never afraid to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. But over the years, we really got to see what was underneath those snarky one-liners and cascading curls. Katherine wasn’t born evil. Her life made her that way. Her infant daughter was torn away from her at birth. She lost her entire family to a rampaging Klaus. And she spent the next 5 centuries running, with no real place to call home. The closest thing she had to a family was her vast network of sketchy underworld contacts.
We always knew that Katherine would be one of our leading antagonists. What we didn’t know was just how much we, and the fans, would come to love her. Ms. Pierce’s survival skills had become so good even the writers couldn’t kill her. We tried so many times, so many ways. Allowing a 2000-year-old immortal being to suck her blood dry. Suicide. Old Age. Nothing would work. Every single time, she called out from the page, manipulating us into granting her survival. She was under our skin. The writers actually have shot glasses that say “You’re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up.”
When Stefan ended the tragic life of Katherine Pierce for good, Katherine got the most unique post-death experience of any character who has ever died on The Vampire Diaries: She got sent to something that felt suspiciously like “hell.” So much running—but a girl’s Jimmy Choos can only take her so far. Her fate beyond death remains a mystery, but wherever she is, it’s safe to assume she’s not floating on a white cloud strumming a harp.
RIP, HBIC. You will be missed by some, forgotten by none. 

The Vampire Diaries - 6x09 "I Alone" Producers Preview

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Vampire Diaries - 6x08 "Fade Into You" Rehash

The Vampire Diaries - Spoiler From TV Guide - 25th November 2014

Anything new on The Vampire Diaries?

Expect Damon and Alaric's bromance to hit a ser
ious speed bump when Damon angers Alaric. How serious is it? One word: fisticuffs! In other heartbreaking news, Bonnie, who has thus far stayed strong in her crazy situation, will be dealt another crushing blow that leads to a breakdown.

The Originals - Spoiler From TV Line - 26th November 2014

Give me some Originals scoop — preferably something related to Josh and/or Aiden, because those two are adorable. 

I won’t lie to you,  I’ve got some good news and some bad news: Executive producer Julie Plec says she does have big plans for Jaiden in 2015. The bad news? Those plans might involve one (or both) of them on Death’s door. She explains, “I get into fights with the writers because I’ll be pitching a story and I’ll say, ‘And this is where Josh dies,’ and they’ll be like, ‘No!’ And then I’ll say, ‘Well, this is probably the moment where Aiden should die,’ and everyone goes, ‘No!’ It’s juggling the beauty of this budding romance against the story of a vampire and a werewolf finding love with each other. I love that storyline so much, but one day, I might have to kill one of them. That’s just the way we roll.”

The Vampire Diaries - Spoilers From TV Line - 26th November 2014

Damon found Bonnie’s bear, anything else you can tease that’s ahead for “Bamon” fans on The Vampire Diaries?
Let’s just say you’re not crazy for seeing a strong connection between Bonnie and Damon, Renee. Despite Elena expressing a “glimmer” of hope for a romantic reunion, Damon is still focused on the mission at hand: Bring back Bonnie. And Ian Somerhalder, for one, wouldn’t be surprised if things turn spicy once the Bennett witch returns. “There’s an extraordinarily thin line between love and hate,” Somerhalder notes. “Due to the fact that these two hated each other, and had so many connections … it only seemed appropriate that they would be given a chance, due to the dynamics of their relationship.”

Do you have anything on my favorite Vampire Diaries character, Tyler?
What a coincidence, Jeanette, Tyler is one of Andy Swift’s favorite TVD characters, too! (Definitely in the Top 20, at least.) Anyway, Michael Trevino says Liv’s current dilemma will take up most of Tyler’s time. “He’s there for Liv and wants to protect her and make sure she’s not getting into trouble,” Trevino says. “She’s being so tough and a little bitchy at times towards him. He’s not used to that, so I like that Tyler’s having to deal with that this season. But we will see their relationship become stronger. He’s really smitten with that girl.”

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Originals - Spoiler From EW - 21st November 2014

Will we see interactions on The Originals between characters who haven’t interacted like Josh/Elijah, Elijah/Kol, Finn/Mikael, etc.?

With the return of Mikael in the Originals midseason finale, the always-and-forever siblings are going to have a lot of plotting to do. “As everyone’s gathering for the holidays, the villain count is growing, and it’s all going to come to a head,” executive producer Julie Plec says. Most importantly, Mikael’s return will result in the Destroyer coming face-to-face with wife Esther for the first time since Klaus killed her. But will he kiss her or kill her?

The Vampire Diaries - 6x08 "Fade Into You" Song List

Wild Party "When I Get Older" Peter Bradley Adams "Full Moon Song" Counting Crows "Mr. Jones"
Soul Asylum "Runaway Train" Andrew Ripp "When You Fall In Love"

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Vampire Diaries - Fall Finale Spoiler From TV Line

Why You Need to Watch: Because you're in for a "bittersweet" holiday featuring "cute little flashbacks to Christmases of the past with the girls all together," teases executive producer Julie Plec. (Sadly, Bonnie is forced to celebrate alone in her "prison world.") And here's more scoop to stuff in your stocking: There are "some big, big, big chapter-ending moves at the end of the episode that change a lot for everyone."

The Originals - Fall Finale Spoiler From TV Line

The conclusion of Rebekah's two-part visit to the Big Easy finds the Mikaelson siblings -- three of them, anyway -- coming together like never before. Joseph Morgan promises "great moments of levity" (finally!) as well as some "heartwarming stuff" for fans of TV's most dysfunctional family.